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October 2, 2013

The October meeting of the Civil Service Council was called to order by Jason Phillips, Vice President.

Roll call of the members was taken by Patrick Brumleve.

Members Present: Regina Brown, Pat Brumleve, Elizabeth Cheek, Anita Eckhardt, Diane Frew, Tina Gerecke, Vera Gibbs, Karin McClure, Jason Phillips, Anthony Travelstead.

Members Absent: Matthew Borowicz, Mickel Cordes, Shari Garnett, Carolin Harvey, Randy Lowe (members were excused to attend the Staff award ceremony) Karen McClure made a motion to suspend bylaws pertaining to absence for this meeting. Diane Frew seconded. Motion carried

Others Present: Teri Ricci, Dawn Legier, Matt Baughman


The minutes for the meeting on September 4, 2013, were to be revised: Troy Vaughn is in Rec Center not Housing; Flu shots available Oct. 1st and 18th. Diane Frew made motion to approve minutes as revised, Tina Gerecke seconded. Minutes were approved as modified.

There were no announcements.


Matt Baughman was introduced by VP Phillips. M. Baughman discussed his new role as Assistant to the Chancellor. He has been on campus 15 years, started as a Graduate student in 95, starting working in 98 at the Paul Simon Institute until a couple months ago when he was relocated to Anthony Hall under the Chancellor. He is learning a lot of new things around campus. Baughman believes the civil service employees to be a critical part of the University. He respects and values the civil service employees’ roles on campus. He offered his help in his new role for anyway he can be of help to the council


Council President 
In C. Harvey’s absence there was not a report. 

School of Medicine
Representatives were not able to be present. We need to teleconference with the Springfield reps. Need to get these issues ironed out before next meeting. 

Annuitants Association 
No Report.

Human Resources
No Report. 


Phillips reported the committee met and set the agenda. 

Budget reports were emailed to all members prior to the meeting. 

Education Assistance 
Anthony Travelstead, Chair reported that the committee met to assign folks to different location to get donations for the Holiday Raffle. Holiday Raffle will be on Dec. 4th coinciding with December meeting. Next month raffle tickets will be handed out to council members and sponsors to sell. Tickets will be $1 each or 6 for $5, stapled in books, to make it easier.

Public Information 
Brumleve, chair reported that the committee is going to do a mini newsletter to come out in November. Any committee member that has information needs to get their information in to P. Brumleve. V. Gibbs has pictures for the newsletter.

The following Council committees did not meet or had no report: Bylaw, Civil Service Benefits, Elections and Range.


University Joint Benefits Committee
Karin McClure reported that the committee approved the February minutes; B. Appleby reported that SUAA will have a portal for members to shop for Medicare supplemental insurance. B. Appleby doesn’t believe that the present conference committee, which is a legislative committee assembled to look at the pension issues, will have any impact on the pension subject. The committee was meeting to bring forth a proposal to be voted on in legislative session but nothing has been done to this date. With the primary in spring 6 of the 10 members are up for re-election so not wanting to act on anything to jeopardize their chance at re-election. If a proposal would pass in the fall veto session it wouldn’t take effect until June 1st. If they wait until January session then it could take effect immediately. Stay tuned to see what happens on that. B. Appleby will be SIRSMA a year from now, Jim Hunsaker will be taking Jake’s place and he will report back on that in November, meeting schedule was set for the year. If you miss both flu shots in October, you can go to staff clinic for flu shots after the 18th. New Chancellor’s Health initiative is cycling, and most staff live outside Carbondale. Next meeting will be Nov. 26th

The following constituency committees did not meet or had no report: Advisory Committee to Director of Public Safety, Affirmative Action Advisory, Chancellor’s Advisory Review Board, Chancellor’s Planning and Budget Committee, Computing Advisory, Honorary Degrees, Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory, Naming University Facilities, Parking and Traffic Appeals, Recreational Sports and Services Advisory, Student Center Advisory, Traffic and Parking, and UWPA.


Employee Advisory Committee to the Merit Board

Anthony Travelstead announced that the next meeting is coming up in two weeks. Oct. 16th and 17th at Chicago State, Travelstead will be attending. Looking forward to his first meeting. It leads into the meeting of Council of Councils which is on the 18th. There are 3-4 Civil Service members going up for that. Travelstead did attend the Merit Board meeting on Sept. 10th. There were 5 cases that were reviewed and decisions were made – none of them pertained to SIU. Very interesting meeting.

Legislative Advisory Committee

McClure reported on the case regarding the retiree’s health insurance premiums went before the Illinois Supreme Court a couple of weeks ago and should get a ruling on that soon. If retirees win then the case will go back to Circuit Court for a hearing.

P. Brumleve reported on the Sept. 26th SUAA Meeting, was a very interesting and informative meeting. He has flyers from the meeting (attached). Most of the information was based on Medicare and Medicare supplements. Linda Brookhart suggested looking through all the options and making a sound decision based on what fits you best. K. McClure added that the state is moving Medicare eligible retirees onto a different insurance as of Jan. 1st. However families will not be split and will stay put for now. Very confusing to understand. Discussion followed.

There were no reports by the Special Committees - Academic Calendar, SURS Member Advisory or Staff Excellence Award Commitees.

There was no old business.

Next guest speaker options were discussed. P. Brumleve said housing was moving at end of the month and that would not be a good option. Suggestions were Todd Sigler, Ben Newsome, or Russell Thomas, BERT Director. Travelstead reported that 2 million pieces of mail was just delivered to Post Office. University hitting it hard right now to get enrollment up. This was second batch of mail for next year’s freshman class. And there will be more. Hopefully more kids to raise money for scholarships.


D. Frew thanked everyone on the council for the card sent during the death of her father. P. Brumleve said a donation will be made from the council to her choice of charities. T. Gerecke also expressed thanks for the card in her absence. Questions were asked about the notifying of committees and appointees of their appointments. R. Ferguson had not done that yet but would. D. Frew announced her new email address:

Motion was made by Tina Gerecke, seconded by Vera Gibbs to adjourn at 1:46 p.m.