Civil Service Council Meeting Minutes

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August 7, 2013

The August meeting of the Civil Service Council was called to order by Carolin Harvey, President.

Roll call of the members was taken by Patrick Brumleve.

Members Present: Regina Brown, Patrick Brumleve, Elizabeth Cheek, Mickel Cordes, Diane Frew, Shari Garnett, Tina Gereke, Vera Gibbs, Carolin Harvey, Randy Lowe, Karin McClure, Jason Phillips, Anthony Travelstead

Members Absent: Matthew Borowicz, Anita Eckhardt

Others Present: Jay Brooks, Teri Ricci, Jennifer Watson


The minutes for the meeting on July 10, 2013, were approved as presented.


Harvey reported the request for volunteers during opening.


Council President
Harvey reported the constituency heads did meet. The Board of Trustees meeting will be September 12 in Carbondale. Harvey plans to attend.

School of Medicine
Representatives were not able to be present.

Annuitants Association
Brooks gave a report. He mentioned that a presentation by Linda Brookhart, executive director of SUAA, will be given on September 26 at the Student Center. Information will be forwarded to the council.

Human Resources
Watson reported on the following: discussed the HRSS system and what can be assessed along with planned changes, updating the directory, and policies for retirees returning to work. A discussion was held on the HRSS website and employees having access to computers.


Phillips reported the committee met and set the agenda.

Budget reports were emailed to all members prior to the meeting.

Committee met July 30 and Karen McClure was selected as chair.

Civil Service Benefits
Committee met and Jason Phillips was selected as chair.

Education Assistance
Committee met July 26 and Anthony Travelstead was selected as chair. The committee reported on the Education Assistance Awards. On motion Garnett and 2nd Cheek to award thirteen applicants an award of $200 each for Fall 2013 semester. Motion carried. On motion McClure and 2nd Frew to transfer the remainder of funds to the endowment. Motion carried.

Public Information
Brumleve reported that the committee has not met but he will serve as chair. Until a replacement for Becky is hired the committee does not plan to issue a fall newsletter.

Committee will meet after the council meeting.

The following Council committees did not meet or had no report: Elections and Staff Excellence Award.


Chancellor’s Planning and Budget Advisory
Harvey reported the committee met.

Frew issued a report.

The following constituency committees did not meet or had no report: Advisory Committee to Director of Public Safety, Affirmative Action Advisory, Chancellor’s Advisory Review Board, Computing Advisory, Honorary Degrees, Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory, Naming University Facilities, Parking and Traffic Appeals, Recreational Sports and Services Advisory, Student Center Advisory, Traffic and Parking, and University Joint Benefits.


Academic Calendar
Garnett passed out an Academic Calendar for 2014-2015.

Employee Advisory Committee to the Merit Board
Harvey reported that Nelson resigned from the board. An email was sent to the listserv on July 19 notifying civil service employees about the vacancy and the filing process.

Legislative Advisory
McClure did not have anything to report.

SURS Members Advisory
No report


A discussion was held on the construction near the Student Center. Harvey reported that Becky’s position is still in process.


Harvey reported that a search committee request for Dean of College of Mass Communications and Media Arts was received. On motion Phillips and 2nd Gerecke to submit the following names: Mickel Cordes, Dawn Legier, and Janna Gharbawi. Motion carried. 

Harvey reported that a search committee request for Dean of College of Science was received. On motion Phillips and 2nd Gerecke to submit the following names: Shari Garnett, Dawn Legier, and Janna Gharbawi. Motion carried.

Harvey reported that no one filed for the vacancy on the State Universities Civil Service Advisory Committee to the Merit Board. Because of this, the council has the authority to fill the position. On motion Frew and 2nd Gerecke for the council to conduct an election. Motion carried. Candidates were asked to volunteer. Travelstead and Garnett volunteered. They left the room and an election by secret ballot was conducted. Travelstead was selected. On motion McClure and 2nd Lowe to destroy the ballots. Motion carried.


There were none.