Shannon Newman

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Shannon Newman came to SIU in 1999 as a full-time chemistry student where she worked as a student worker for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as working full time at 710 Book Store.  She received a BS in Chemistry in 2001.  She also received an MBA Finance degree in December 2018.

Shannon worked at the Rec Center from 2006-2012 as extra help teaching various aerobic classes; although it was the early morning spin classes that she loved most.  She accepted a full-time position at SIU as IT Assistant Manager in January 2014 where she is responsible for managing our technology vendor contracts with Dell and Apple for SIU Carbondale and the SIU School of Medicine in Springfield.  She handles everything from price negotiation to procurement of technology, including presales support, and some post-sales support, to departments on campus.  She supervises the IT side of the computer surplus program, manages the desktop replacement program, and is involved with a number of campus-wide computer-related projects for the Office of Information Technology.  She was promoted to IT Manager in February 2019 where she continues her mission to get the best pricing for technology purchases for all areas of campus and has taken on additional duties.

Shannon has been in Southern Illinois, now, for 20 years and built numerous relationships on and off-campus.  She is proud to serve on the Civil Service Council representing her constituents across campus.