Jim Bigogno

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I grew up in one of the St. Louis suburbs; have worked in Arizona, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana and now Illinois. After retiring from my first career as a hospital administrator, I thought that the competencies I had developed in that field would be useful in higher education so I enrolled as a graduate student in Educational Administration in 2002. I was offered a Graduate Assistantship in the Office of the Chancellor where I worked for four years. During this time I transferred to the Department of Public Health in the College of Education and Human Services while working towards my doctorate. I also taught several courses in health administration in the School of Allied Health Professions.

From 2006 to 2012, I worked in the Office of the Provost. I have been fortunate to serve in my current role as Administrative Assistant in the Dean’s Office in the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts since that time.

I have an incredibly gifted wife and best friend, seven children and seven grandchildren.

My outside-of-work interests include remodeling old-bones homes, woodworking and aviation.

I have too much energy to seriously consider retiring and am committed to using that energy to improve the environment in which we work as fellow Civil Service employees. My mission is to give voice to my colleagues who are tired, who are fearful to speak about the wrongs they see and endure, and to shed light on practices and behaviors that should never be tolerated at our University.