Civil Service Council Meeting Agenda

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I.     Call to Order

II.    Roll Call of Membership

III.   Approval of the Minutes for the Meeting on September 1, 2010

IV.   Announcements

V.   Reports

A. Council President
1. Constituency Heads Meetings 
2. Board of Trustees Meeting
B. Emeritus and Annuitant Association - Pansy Jones 
C. School of Medicine Civil Service Council - Sheryl Lloyd, Cris Milliken 
D. Human Resources - Jennifer Watson 
E. Council Committees
1. Executive - Jay Brooks 
2. Budget - Karen Waldron 
3. Bylaws - Karin McClure 
4. Civil Service Benefits - Mary Nippe 
5. Education Assistance - Patrick Brumleve 
6. Elections - 
7. Outstanding Civil Service Employee Award - 
8. Public Information - 
9. Range - Mark Wetstein
F. Constituency Committees
1.  Chancellor’s Advisory Review Board - J. Bigogno, J. Brooks, C. Harvey, K. Waldron 
2.  Computing Advisory - Jason Phillips, Dan Stover 
3.  Dining Services Advisory - Joyce Davis 
4.  Naming University Facilities - Chad Waters 
5.  Parking and Traffic Appeals - Monica Raines 
6.  Recreational Sports and Services Advisory - Nancy Esling 
7.  Student Center Advisory - Deborah Hutson 
8.  Traffic and Parking - Gary Beer 
9.  University Joint Benefits - Karin McClure, Ashley Wright 
10.UWPA - Anita Eckhardt, Gayle England, Diana Kuhnert, Bernadette Summerville
G. Special/Other Committees
1. Academic Calendar - Mickel Cordes 
2. Chancellor's Planning and Budget - Jay Brooks 
3. Employee Advisory Committee to the Merit Board - Jay Brooks 
4. Legislative Advisory - Mark Wetstein 
5. Search Committee, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor - Diane Frew 
6. Senior Marketing Team - Joyce Davis 
7. SURS Members Advisory - Jay Brooks
VI.     Old Business

VII.    New Business

A. Nomination to Search Committee for Dean of the College of Liberal Arts 
B. Nomination to Search Committee for Dean of the College of Engineering
VIII.   Non Agenda Items

IX.    Adjournment