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The Civil Service Council represents civil service employees of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The Council, as a recognized constituency, functions within the overall governance structure of the University and advises and consults with the Chancellor on a regular basis.

The Civil Service Council membership is composed of employees elected from the civil service staff on the Carbondale Campus. The current Council President is Carolin Harvey, Registrar's Office (618-453-5663).

Civil Service Council

Pictured left to right: Elizabeth Cheek, Tina Gerecke, Ann Little, Mickel Cordes, Doreen Hees, Travis Zettler, Carolin Harvey, William Dozier, Randy Lowe, Anthony Travelstead, Lisa Grotts, Jason Phillips, Jane Meuth, Cyndy Green, Tara Moore, Karin Wece

Not pictured: Michele Tourville